Lake Martin

by Capt David Hare

Surface temperature: 87 degrees, water level: (490.56), full pool 491.00, clarity: clear.

August fishing at the time of this writing has been a very tough month for catching most any type fish and for sure tough to catch a striper! I’m sure there are a number of reasons for the slower bites, but in my opinion, one of the reasons for the tough striper bite is that the oxygen level in the lake wasn’t normal due to lots and lots of rain and having to generate a lot of water to keep water levels from getting above full pool levels. So in return, this stresses the stripers for sure! However, by the time you’re reading this, my guess is that everything is back to normal and the fishing is once again awesome.

September fishing in years past, and hopefully this year too, is a month where you should be able to catch fish both night fishing and early morning fishing. Lake Martin, like most any other lake, will start seeing less recreational boating in September due to various reasons: back to school, football season started and hunting season getting started. By saying this, when the boating traffic slows down, the fishing seems to pick up, and the fish seem to be less scattered.

This month you should be able to have some good results in the water depths that range from 50 – 80 feet with the fish, especially stripers, being suspended in the 40′ range. The first part of September I should be fishing the lower end of the lake, and hopefully start slowly working my way to middle part of lake north by the end of this month.

September for me is both a trolling lures and a live bait fishing month. If you are having a hard time getting fish in the boat, never hesitate to make changes whether it’s your lures, your type of live bait or your presentation techniques. If bigger type baits aren’t working, try smaller baits. If the fast approach or retrieve isn’t working, then slow it down and vice versa. Never question yourself on trying new areas because you may have a pleasant surprise!

Until next time, catch some for me and release what you don’t need.