Lake Nottely Striper Fishing Report: July 2014

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]uch as predicted last month we are now in the middle of the summer and still no sign of a thermocline. On top of that, our herring spawn is still going in full effect. These two factors have led to a really tough start to the summer. Occasional good days have been had but then the stripers will turn off for three days. Predictability right now is a farce and regardless of conditions the fish just don’t seem to care. I know this sounds bad and it kind of is but there are a few tips to help you through the dog days.

The thermocline is coming. Look for it to establish in the major creeks first and then build its way out onto the main lake. Once that happens, life is easy. There are things to remember when down-lining on the thermocline. Get on the water super early. If you can see light cracking through the window, just stay in the bed. Try to be on the water 30 minutes before first light. Locate your schools and get baited up. Keep your tackle and I mean really light. Drop down to eight-pound-test Seagar Blue Label leaders and #1 hooks or smaller Gamakatsu Octopus Circle Hooks if you can find them.

If you get out there and still can’t find a thermocline then throw everything you have at them. 
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spawn is still
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out onto the points, dropshots and slow rolled swimbaits can work as well.

Good luck on the water and remember Hughes General Store has 100% domestic, ethanol-free gas, hot breakfast, bait, tackle and ice so get there early and get ready for some hot summer fun. The days of catching 30 fish a morning are just around the corner so book your trip now.

Josh Garrison
Georgia Premier Fishing Guide Service