Lake Okeechobee Fishing Forecast – April 2021

April is typically the start of the panfish spawning season…they have moved into the shallows to spawn and will continue throughout the late springtime months on into the summer months. The tackle that is best suited for catching bream can be a 6-6 ½ ft rod/reel ultra-light spinning gear with 4-6 lb. mono fishing line typically rigged with a small bobber and split shot weight pegged just above the small hook tipped with either a live small cricket, red worm or red wiggler. Areas that bream like to bed in are typically around vegetation with a hard, shelly-type bottom area of the lake, depth can range from 1 ½ ft – 3 ½ ft.

The month of April is usually the end of the bass spawning season here on Lake O. It can be a fun time to fish for bass especially if you like to throw top water lures. When targeting bream, you’ll also be around bass that will be feeding on the bream. When fishing for bass in this type setting, you’ll also want to keep on hand a frog rod, flipping/pitching stick, worm rod and a swim jig. Colors for plastics typically are June bug; Black and Blue; Shad/Bluegill pattern (for shallow cranks); white and Red bug. If its fingerling river catfish you want to catch, the beginning of May typically marks a great time to start catching them. I take guided trips targeting fingerling catfish in the river. It provides lots of fun and typically we’ll also catch bluegill and shell crackers (red ears) along with them…all on spinning gear and light tackle. To book your next funfilled productive day fishing Lake Okeechobee call 863-228-7263. You can also go to my website and read past fishing reports, see customers and their catches, trip information, hotel accommodations etc. My Sponsors are: Mercury; BnM Poles; Lews; G-Loomis; Bullet Weights; Gill; Maui Jim; Real Magic; Mid-South Tackle; Pradco Brands; Gene Larew; Navionics and Mega Strike.