Lake Okeechobee Fishing Forecast – July


The summertime weather pattern is upon us here on Lake Okeechobee bringing almost daily afternoon showers but yeah, not complaining – fishing is really good! The water level is up, and folks are enjoying the peacefulness of a less crowded lake.

The bream bite is going on strong now. Anglers are finding them on big beds out in open water, pockets in the grass and up on the edges of the Kissimmee River. To catch them use red worms and crickets rigged on ultra-light spinning gear with 4 lb. mono line, a small hook and split shot weight and small bobber. Many customers enjoy this type of fishing because it provides constant fun and action for the children and provides the family with a great meal of healthy fish to eat. Areas to fish for bream on the south-end launching from Clewiston is the edge/flats area of the Clewiston channel; tip of Rita/ Kreamer Islands; some parts of the East/Well wall and around Uncle Joe’s.

For the bass anglers, the areas that I just mentioned have been producing both quality and quantity size bass on a wide range of artificial lures starting with a slow working Devils Horse or Zara Spook, some days use a spook with rattles, other days not. Anglers are consistently catching bass using Senkos tipped with a 1/16 oz weight to gain a little bit more casting distance but not too much weight that it diminishes the wacky fall affect that attracts a lot of reaction bites. Don’t forget the flipping bite; switch it up using a few different lures such as the Gene Larew Hawg craw, tube, small paddle tail worm, cut tail worm and Gene Larew Hoo-Daddy. The plastic colors working are your typical summertime pattern colors like June bug; Redbug or Red shad; Watermelon (depending on water clarity); Pumpkin Seed and some craw like colors.