Lake Okeechobee Fishing Forecast – May

The month of May marks the end of the crappie fishing out on the lake but for you hard-core “speck” anglers try jigging with small minnows or small tubelike plastic lures tipped with a jig head early in the morning around the Kissimmee River bridge pilings. Down South, you have the main lake cuts that drop-off into some deep holes around the South Bay/Belle Glade areas. For the bass anglers, late-spawn bass are still being caught but please use extreme caution. A lot of boat trails we all used not long ago are now unusable due to low water, so please use extreme caution. Much of the bass fishing is for post-spawn which can mean a wide array of artificial lures can be used ranging from hard top-water lures such as a devils horse to the flipping/ pitching technique. Most successful days recently have been using a variety of lures such as top water, spinner baits, senkos/ worms, c-rig used in certain areas of the lake and the flipping/ pitching technique using creature-style lures early in the morning and late-afternoon to sunset timeframe.

Bream fishing has started on certain areas of the lake and provides some quick/fun action and is especially popular among children and can easily go home with a cooler full in a short amount of fishing time provided that you find the right spawning areas. Some areas to try for bass/bream can be the Harney Pond area and Horse Island areas and some parts of Observation Shoal. Down South try around both Rita and Kreamer and both East/West wall areas. On the North end try around the Kissimmee River, Hendry Creek and parts of Kings Bar