Lake Okeechobee Fishing Forecast – November 2022

Hurricane Ian hit the city of Okeechobee hard in some areas and other areas many of us were lucky. Once the weather calmed down, I loaded up my dog Max, and we went looking. Despite the heavy winds and heavy rain, the lake faired the storm very well. The most obvious change was in Cody’s Cove, where the whole outer vegetation line is completely gone and has really opened the cove like it once looked like many years ago. The water clarity is very tan- nic-colored in some parts, but clear.

Since the storm, I’ve had guide trips for bass with artificial lures, successfully getting bites with a worm rigged with a light bullet weight sinker; popping frog; swim bait; chatter bait and some top water using a spook or devils horse worked slowly. The bite will only get better as the water temperatures cool down and bass and crappie start moving in for the beginning of the spawn season.

I’m receiving calls for booked trips and the people I talk to are excited about seeing/fishing the lake and having a great time. If you’re looking for another fun/stellar year now is the time to book your bass and crappie trips! I want to take this time to thank my sponsors; repeat clientele and newbie’s that book my guide services. For additional guide trip information, check out my newly revamped website, phone number to book your trip, hotel information, up-to-date fishing reports and etc. If you’re booking a trip to learn the layout of the lake, gather fishing tips; bringing the kids/grandkids for a fun day or just to relax and take in all the beauty, now is the time to book your fun-filled and productive day fishing the big O.

Lures for bass are mentioned above, for areas to fish can be: J&S area around the lock; parts of Hendry Creek area (middle section); areas out in front of the Okeechobee Pier; East side of Grassy; some parts of Kings Bar (back in); Buckhead Pole on down to 3rd point (middle to back section); Tin House (outer-middle areas); some parts of Indian Prairie/ Horse Island; North side of Dupree Bar and definitely Dyess Ditch area in 3 ft deep throwing some top water lures) and some parts of the Shoal. Give Capt. Angie a call and visit her website for more info.