Lake Okeechobee Fishing Forecast – September


Fishing Lake Okeechobee for bass and bream have been pretty good catching both quantity and quality fish. If you’re wanting to fish for bream book you’re trips now while the spawn is still going on and fill your coolers. Live small red worms and crickets is the choice of bait rigged on ultra-light spinning gear and a hook and bobber. Areas to look for when bream fishing are a semi-hard bottom preferably near vegetation like the Monkey box/Dupree bar area; Kreamer/ Rita Island; edges of the canal/dynamite holes; certain parts of Observation shoal area; Dyess ditch/ Horse Island; parts of Tin house; the Pass and Kings bar.


When checking places for upcoming trips, key in on certain things to help break an area down quickly. A lot of how to break an area down depends on a few things such as time of year; current weather; moon phase; and vegetation. The key to fishing any area on any given body of water is to learn to break the area down so that it works for you and your style of fishing. The bass fishing has been pretty good using artificial lures try a Devils horse or creature-style lures like a Gene Larew Hoo-Daddy or Hawg Craw. Fishing in late September moving forward is a really fun time to fish the lake because the weather typically isn’t so hot, and you can use a multitude of various lures catching bass which makes the day fun and enjoyable. Areas that I’ve mentioned above for bream would be a great place to put your trolling motor down, cover water with your favorite search bait and find that sweet spot that the bigger bass are hanging around. Artificial lure colors for plastics are June bug; Black/Blue; Redbug; Green Pumpkin; Pumpkin; white and crawdad. For hard lures: Bluegill; Shad; Baby Bass; Parrott; Crawdad and White.