Lake Okeechobee South End Fishing Report: August 2015

Lake Okeechobee South End Fishing Report

August is here on Lake Okeechobee and that means more hot weather and lower water conditions here on the lake. As we head into August water levels are below twelve feet above sea level and the lake is in good shape but it is now time to start watching where you run on the lake. Both ends of the lake are producing fish and it can be a good time to get out but just can’t stress enough that it is an early bite and ends by noon on most days. You will want to idle into and out of shallow grassy areas and just in general use caution. The fishing has been pretty good for the summer months here on the lake with early morning being the best time to get out and catch some bass.

During the summer months I try to get out on the lake as the sun is just starting to come up and it is still a little cool on the water. The artificial lure bite has been as good if not better than the live bait bite and should continue to be that way for the next couple months. The thing to keep in mind for this time of the year is that the bite is early and doesn’t last long, so get out early. I have been fishing mostly offshore areas like Cross Island and the spoil islands along the Clewiston channel, the islands out from Uncle Joe’s cut have also been good. I have been throwing a swim jig and swim bait on most days but a lipless crankbait can also be a pretty good choice. On days when we happen to get some wind, gold and white colored spinnerbait will put some bass in the boat quick but you need some wind to make this work. On days when you have no wind, a Zoom Fluke or Senko fished with a small bullet weight will produce some bass around these offshore grass islands but most are small. There has been a few bass around Ritta Island to catch on worms and swim jigs but this area does not seem to be consistent, here one day gone the next.

When fishing the lake during the summer months be sure and drink plenty of water and use sunscreen. Heat exhaustion is for sure a concern this time of the year. I know that our winter months seem a long time away but it will be here before you know it and we will be back to guiding every day. So if you are thinking about hiring a guide on Lake Okeechobee, this is the time to start communicating with him or her and start making plans, our prime months fill up fast. Until next month good luck, tight lines, and I hope to see everyone on the water soon.