Lake Seminole

by Paul Tyre

Water temperature: 74 to 78 degrees, water clarity: clear.
The bass fishing on Lake Seminole is good. The bass we are catching are really healthy looking, and you can tell they have been feeding up for a while. As the days start to get shorter, water temperatures will start cooling off and the bass are starting their annual feed.
The Flint River arm of the lake is clear and the grass is healthy. Reaction baits like hollow body frogs and buzzbaits have been productive.
The Spring Creek arm of the lake has been very productive for bass and stripers. The water color is clear and the bass and stripers have been schooling on shad.  A jerk bait is a good choice, and one that I have been having success on is a Strike King KVD Jerk Bait in Pro Blue.
The bass bite on the Chattahoochee River arm of Lake Seminole has been good. The water color has been a little more stained. Buzzbaits and square-billed crankbaits have been productive. A Strike King Tour Grade Buzzbait is my lure of choice because this buzzbait is made with premium components. That gives this bait a unique sound that attracts explosive strikes.
With the water cooling off, the crappie-fishing snowbirds are starting to pile in at Wingate’s Lunker Lodge in Bass Island Campground. These are some die-hard fishermen and women. They go out, rain or shine, cold or hot. We look forward to some good fish fries in the campground this fall.
I finally talked Ms. Gale into going fishing with me, and what does she do? She showed out, that’s what. She caught a big one right off the bat! I also had the privilege to take out a young man, Will Granger, who is autistic but loves bass Fishing. Of course, he showed out too, and we had a great time. Anytime you get the chance to take someone fishing, you should. It’s good for them and you!