Lake Seminole Fishing Report : March 2017

Spring is the perfect timed to introduce youth to fishing. Pictured here, Jacob Alday of Marianna, Florida shows off as great pre-spawn bass.

Spring is here (early) on Lake Seminole and the fishing couldn’t be better!  You can find plenty of quality fish in the shallows (and I mean so shallow their backs are nearly sticking out of the water!). You can also find plenty of buck bass looking for sandbars on the main lake now. Zoom Brush Hogs seem to be doing well with this pattern.  Try one on a light weight (1/16 to 1/8 oz) in order to fish the area slowly. Water around sandbars is pretty clear so be sure to use light colored line as well. The bigger females are still staging around sandbars in 5-10’ of water but will begin to move up closer near the full moon on the 12th.

If you want to try a secondary pattern, fish backwater ponds with a topwater bait. Bass are already guarding fry, which you can find by trolling an area and looking for little balls of bait smaller than a minnow. When you spot some, use a topwater bait (preferably a frog because it’s snagless) and throw toward the balls of bait. After each pop of the bait, allow the ripples to smooth before you pop it again. The goal is to move slowly. The bass will come up to protect the fry so  be ready for an aggressive bite.

Overall, the fishing is so good on Seminole, you’d be hard pressed to NOT catch a fish this time of year. This makes for a perfect time to get kids out fishing. There will be plenty of action and entertainment to keep their attention and develop an early love of the sport.

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