Lake Sinclair

by Ken Sturdivant

Lake Sinclair is down 1.4 feet with the water clear and the temperature in the low 80s.
Bass fishing is fair. The Carolina rig and a Zoom pumpkin lizard is the best bait lake-wide with a June bug lizard a close second. The fish have moved out some to the river channel ledges or to deeper docks.
Almost all the fish are taking plastics but try a gold buzzbait any time you come up on a dock. Jigs are also fair on the docks in all brown, but smaller baits seem to work best on these fish.  Plastic or a pork trailer will work and match the trailers to the bait. Soft plastics in the green pumpkin in a finesse worm and a Zoom Bush Hog will get strikes. Add some Lunker Sauce to the baits for extra strikes.