Central Florida Freshwater Fly Fishing Report

Hunter Towery has been actively learning some off the beaten path bodies of water, further away from the urban sprawl of Central Florida. Focusing his efforts in his home waters in Polk County he has came up with a unique method of chasing largemouth bass and other local warm water species with the fly rod. In what he likes to call “backcountry bassin”, he uses the stealth of a locally built western style drift boat to chase bass in some pretty gorgeous places. He likes to focus on smaller more scenic bodies of water that offer the angler a more intimate experience with nature and the fish.

Fly Fishing The Flood Zone

Conditions: Great Surface Temp: 85F Clarity: Tannic 18 Inches Guide Tip: My most productive rig for fishing for bass during … Sep 1st, 2018

Dog Days On The Fly

Conditions: Great Surface Temp: 85F Clarity: Tannic 18-24 Inches Guide Tip: Whenever you have high water levels and a higher … Aug 1st, 2018

Chasing the Current

Fishing Conditions: Good Surface Temp: 82F Water Clarity: Tannic 12-inches Guide Tip: Immediately after a rain fall one of my … Jul 1st, 2018

Adapt And Conquer

Conditions: Good Surface Temp: 81F Water Clarity: Tannic 12-in Guide Tip: Whenever the wind is making it tricky to fly … Jun 2nd, 2018

Springtime Feeding Frenzy

Springtime Feeding Frenzy Conditions: Good Surface Temp: 78F Clarity: Tannic 18-inches Guide Tip : With the water temperature warming up … May 1st, 2018

Local Fishing Reports

Interesting Facts

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Water Quality Issues

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