Lanark – February Fishing Report


February, the month where most people start getting sick of winter and looking forward to spring fishing.  This winter has been very warm for the most part.  Will February bring some cooler weather?  We will see.  The Big Bend region has some great fishing and this month can be the amazing.  Lanark is surrounded by some great grass flats, dock, Dog Island, the Carrabelle River, and St George Island.  All can hold fish through February.

Most of my fishing this month will be done in the 1-3 foot depth.  Look for clean water with mixed bottom.  The darker bottom will heat up faster than the sand, but the fish do use the sand holes as ambush spots.  Using the trolling motor or push pole, I like to work around oyster bars and down shorelines slowly.  We mostly will be throwing small paddle tails, jerk baits or suspending lures.   Using a weighted worm hook helps keep the bait from getting snagged in the grass or on oysters.   I look for any sign of a target.  Wakes, tip of a tail, the flooded grass moving around… anything that gives me a hint there might be a fish.   Another tip is look for the mullet schools.  The reds and big trout have been known to follow these schools around picking up the bait that runs from the mullet.

The oyster bars around the Carrabelle River should be holding fish as well.  Bouncing jigs or live shrimp should get the bite.  I like to target them on the mid-morning incoming tide to catch them sliding up to feed on the water shells and mud.  Work your baits slowly, sometimes even letting sit for several seconds before “bouncing” the bait a few times.
Shifting your mind to warmer weather, now is the time to book your tarpon dates for summer!  There are very few prime days left so if you’ve ever wanted to target the silver king on fly lets make 2020 your year!