Lanark November Fishing Report


Hopefully by the time you’re reading this the weather will finally be cooling off and acting like it is really fall.  The week before hurricane Michael landed we were starting to see the water temperatures dropping slightly and the bite improving.  Hopefully the storm left you well as can be and cleaned out some of the dirty water we have been dealing with.  November is historically one of my favorite times of the year to fish.  As the water temps continue to drop the water clarity should continue to improve as well, opening more sight fishing opportunities and improving the bite.  Redfish have been being caught along the grass lines and docks from Turkey Point to the Carrabelle River.   If floating grass allows, starting with topwater plugs is always a fun and effective way to find fish in this area.   I like to work topwater beside flooded grass, docks and oyster bars east of the river.  Nothing will get you woke up in the morning like seeing your plug get smashed by a hungry fish!  As the sun rises and visibility improves, I switch a Slayer Inc paddle tail on their weighted worm hook set up.  This allows you to rig the plastic “weedless” and work it tight to the grass without being hung up.  Favorite colors are the Chicken off the Chain and Gumbo.  A steady retrieve with some mixed in small jerks usually does the trick for reds hunting in the skinny water.  Another fall and winter time favorite are the Aqua Dream spoon in gold or pink.  Work these just fast enough to keep them out of the grass and hold on.

The trout bite should continue to improve as the water clears and cools also.  When trout are my target, I typically set up and drift an area till I find productive depth.  Topwater, Slayer paddle tails and jerk baits are my normal choices for trout.  Its still hard to beat a Gulp shrimp on a jig head below a popping cork though for catching trout!  November is a great time to be on the water so give me a call/text/email and let me show you what all the Big Bend area has to offer!