Lanark – March Fishing Report

Spring is here finally! Or will Florida continue her up and down pattern?  Between the temperature fluctuations and having dirty water this winter has been interesting to say the least.   March is one of those months where we’re going to have to wait and see what mother nature has in store for us.  Either way you can still catch fish, just need to have a plan and watch the weather.  If the weather is consistently warmer than normal the fish could go into their spring pattern with the bait showing up.  If the weather is cold you can expect to stay in the winter pattern.

There have been some nice trout and redfish caught recently around Alligator Point and Carrabelle river.   As with the other cooler months, play the tides and stay shallow.  The shallow water and structure like oyster bars and docks, will heat up faster.    The water is cleaning up, so sight fishing is improving.  Trolling motor or push pole around these areas can be a great way to “hunt” your targets.

Redfish, sheephead, and trout should be roaming the mouth of the river and the creeks in Carrabelle.  Live shrimp, Gulp or a white jerk baits bounced slowly will usually do the trick.  Take your time and look for moving water.  When tide is high, I’ll typically target the grass line looking for fish that are searching for bait in the flooded grass.  Using a worm hook allows you to tuck the point of hook back in bait creating a mostly weedless presentation.
Don’t wait till last minute to break out your boat if you’ve been hunting all winter.  Run it, check all equipment and most importantly your safety equipment.   If you’re looking for a great day on the water give me a call/text.  I still some dates available in June and July for tarpon season, but I do not expect those to last.   Bring on summer!