Lanark Fishing Report – August


Well if you have been on the water last few weeks you will be ready for the August heat.  The fish are still chewing if you are willing to get up a little early.  In the mornings the water is usually cooler, and as the sun gets higher so do the water temps.  Topwater, spoons, and jerk baits on jig heads are usually a great way to start the day.  Typically starting in 1-3 foot of water I will drift or use the trolling motor till we get a strike or two, then anchor up and fish that area more.  You will likely see a pattern in the depth after a few fish.  It is not uncommon to catch a bunch of 14” trout in one depth, but when you go 2 foot shallower start catching slots.   When the water temps begin to rise, I move out to deeper water, being sure to target the edges of flats.  While trout will come to hit a topwater in 5-7 foot on occasion, usually I’ll switch to jerk baits on a jig head or a mirrodine twitch bait.  Keep an eye open for glass minnows or other bait.  Usually trout are not far from their food.

If the weather allows running to beach and fishing the bars out front can be productive as well.  There has been lots of “bait balls” with spanish, lady fish, and jacks following.  Pull up, cast and hold on!  When the bait is being busted on it seems almost any bait you throw in is likely to get drilled.  When throwing artificial work, the bait fast and if you see or feel a strike keep reeling till you feel the weight of the fish.  These fast-moving predators will be coming in hot behind the bait so most of time will strike coming towards you.

With some of the weather this last month we’ve seen some cooler water temps, so if that pattern continues the inshore bite should be great!  Set that alarm, get up early, have an extra cup of coffee and get after them early.  If you need a trip give me a call/text and lets get after them!