Lanark September Fishing Report


Fall fishing is on the way!

School is back in, duck season is coming, hunting season is coming and if the weather cooperates the beginning of fall fishing!  All these things equal good fishing.  August thus far has been hot, really hot!  Personally, I’m looking forward to some of those mornings where I need a hoodie to ride out.  The reds, trout and the rest of our inshore species should be feeding big time.  With the water starting to cool, speed up your retrieves and using bigger baits. The fish should be hungry and aggressive.

As fall fishing get closer, that “magic hour” in the morning we’ve been fishing all summer will start to extend.  Its hard to beat watching the sun come up while setting the hook on a stud redfish.  Luckily for all you non- morning people, as the weather cools the bite should extend longer into the day.  The days of running for the river or sandbar by 10am to cool off should be coming to an end.

Topwater, spoons, corks, gulp and jerk baits!

My favorite way to fish is topwater.  Start the day trolling/polling grass lines or oyster bars.  Rapala Skitter Walks, Heddon Spooks or your choice of topwater are awesome search baits.  I prefer white, red/white, or a chrome/chartreuse bait.  Once you get some reactions, power pole down and work that area more.  If you keep getting short strikes, switch to a mirrolure twitch bait or paddle tail.

Another great way to find fish are spoons.  Aquadream makes numerous different colors and patterns.  Their pinfish, gold and the pink are my favorite.  Work these in same areas or across a grass flat.  Once you feel the “thump” set the hook and hold on!

For trout start looking shallower than during the warm summer months. Set up a drift in the 2-4’ range.  Popping corks with Gulp shrimp or jerk baits on a jig head are a great wat to get some action.  Work the edge of sand holes, bars, and depth changes.  If you’re catching the bottom shorten your leaders!

Take advantage of the cooler mornings and get out there.  If you need a captain shoot me a text/email or call!

Forecast By:
Capt. John Swanson
North Florida Inshore
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