Lanark Fishing Report: 03/2017


March is one of those months historically that can be extremely cold or unseasonably warm. Determine first the weather pattern leading up to the days you fish and react accordingly. With cooler temperatures continue to look for the mid-morning high tide to catch all of the opportunistic feeders making their way onto warmer flats heated by the sun. Like November through February I feel tide is more of a determining factor to catching fish than any other determinate the winter months have to offer. Redfish, trout, sheephead, drum and even flounder can be caught in huge numbers in the early spring months following this mid-morning pattern. Target shallow flats that have exposed grass or oyster outcrops and focus on working your bait as close to the structure as possible. When the water starts to crest the tops of the bars work yourself off the structure methodically. If the temperature starts to become warmer fall back to the fall pattern. Another great upper to middle column bait is the spoon. Aqua Dream Living by Captain Mike Hakala makes a great spoon that mimics most bait. Pick your favorite color and work it over mixed bottom and oyster bars. Another fantastic artificial bait for March is the 6” DOA glow jerk bait or the Slayer Inc. soft plastic line. Rig these soft plastics with a 1/16 oz. weed less hook or a Slayer Inc. jig head.
Lanark, St. Theresa and around to Alligator Harbor has produced a number of decent reports of redfish being caught on both ends of the tide. The Captains I am talking to are looking for the clean water around the last half of the high tides and the first part of the falling tide. They are reporting solid numbers of redfish and trout being caught on soft plastics and gold spoons.
Offshore this month I am getting great reports of amberjack being caught in 80+ feet of water. Most anglers are dropping down frozen LY’s but they can also be caught vertical jigging with a butterfly jig or heavy bucktail jig. The sheephead and flounder bite will continue to be excellent in March around your areas near shore structure. Pick up a Hot Spot map or Google some public numbers and you can fill a cooler with a mess of fish.
The Big Bend has one of the best fisheries in the entire state, so get out, support your local tackle shop and bend a rod!


Forecast By:
Liam Callaghan
IFA Kayak Tour National Angler of The Year
St Croix Rods Pro Staff
Native Watercraft Fishing Team