Lanark January Fishing Report

Lanark Fishing Report: January 2019

Happy New Years to all!  Time to set those fishing goals for this year and come up with a plan to accomplish them.
January can be a great time to get out on the water. The way I see it, its still hunting season (less people on water), its going to be cold (less people on water), and a ton of people will be going to gym for next month attacking their new year resolution (even less people on the water).

With the cold weather I like to target mid-day high tides on the flats.  This is when the water will be the warmest due to the sun, which will be a great time to hunt for feeding fish.  Reds and trout will continue to be getting shallow, under 2-foot depth, and can be sight fished if the water continues to be clean.  I like to use smaller soft baits like the Slayer Inc SST rigged on a weighted worm hook. This will allow you to cast far and helps prevent fouling in the grass.   Reds, trout and even sheepshead are willing to nail a properly presented bait.  One key to remember is when the water is clear, you should step down your leader size.  I throw 20-pound fluorocarbon most of the year inshore but will step down too 12 pounds during the cooler months.

Drifting or push poling is the quietest method to get in range of your targets.  Remember you can see them in the clear water, but that means they have a easier time seeing you and your boat.  Long cast are important, along with if you see a fish try landing the bait far enough in front of them not to spook them when the bait hits the water.

2019 is going to be a great year and I hope to see you on the water!  If you want someone to push you around on the flats, contact me and I’ll be happy to get you on schedule.  Don’t forget, tarpon season is coming up.  The sooner you book your days the better!

Capt John Swanson