Lanier Stripers

by Steve Scott


April’s successful striper fishing had been basically time of day, water temperature, method and location. Early morning using a small BB weight 50’ behind the board in shallow water with medium shiners; mid-morning using weighted planer boards behind the boat with medium shiners and unweighted flatlines and weighted freelines at 70-100′ out, flatline trolling on main lake points and humps in the river channel, river bends near the channel and over trees, River Forks area off the main point in 50′ of water using medium shiners; mid-day using umbrella rigs, weighted flatlines, weighted planers in river channel and in the channels of Shoal Creek, the Saddle Dike, Orr Creek, Mud Creek, Balus and Flat Creeks 1-4.

May brings us the strong topwater bite with water temps in the mid-seventies. Pitching herring using a clear bubble with spincast rod hitting the rough edges and points (4 casts per point) or lobbing from 9 o’clock to 3 then let out line – wait one minute – do it again. Also try Super Flukes and throwing bluebacks behind the topwater lure cranked by your partner. Don’t forget to use Red Fins, any Spook or Super Spook on sunny days before lunch at reef poles and if cloudy, over points.

Other methods and locations to try are planer boards 30-50’ behind the board with and without a split shot. Put shad right up on the bank with a short leash; use umbrella rigs on points, if sunny; and flatline trolling on main lake points and humps. Locations to try are C1 and C3; River Forks Island; LM 29 to LM 31 with bluebacks and gizzard shad on flatlines; LM 36 to LM 38 by the 2 islands around the back; LM 55 and Gainesville Creek on right by power lines; Flat and Balus Creeks blue docks; Mt View to the river channel and the Elvis dock.

Update your log. TIP OF THE MONTH: Look for breaks in water temperature: rocks on banks, sandy banks and mud lines. For more detailed information about striper fishing go to