Lanier Stripers

by Capt Clay Cunningham

The striper fishing on Lake Lanier has been solid. The water temperature continues to climb and the fish are on the points up and down the lake. Over the next few weeks, look for the topwater bite to be a great choice. Take advantage of the next few weeks to do some casting and experience some explosive topwater bites.

For the topwater bite, you will need a couple of casting rods and a variety of topwater baits. Spool up a Penn Conflict 4000 spinning reel with 12 pound Trilene Big Game line on a Fenwick 7 foot medium heavy spinning rod. If you prefer a baitcasting reel, spool up an Abu Garcia Revo with 12 pound Trilene Big Game line and a Fenwick 7 foot medium heavy casting rod. On the topwater baits, be sure to take a variety of baits. Due to changing weather conditions, look for different lures to be hot depending on the weather. The best lure can even change throughout the day. A couple favorites are the Cordell Redfin and the Heddon Super Spook. Another option is a jointed swimbait. The Sebile Magic Swimmer is a local favorite. The Magic Swimmer can be deadly on windy days. It also does not require much work by the angler. Just cast out the Magic Swimmer and reel. The lure will do all the work. Just be ready for a trophy spotted bass or striped bass try to rip it out of your hands.

The live bait bite using herring pulled on freelines will also be a viable option. Match up a Shakespeare striper rod with a Penn Squall Linecounter reel and you are ready for business. Spool the Squall Linecounter with fifteen pound Trilene Big Game line and you are good to go. Pull the points with two freelines at 1 mph and kick back and relax. The best herring continue to be smaller than normal. Be sure to use a small Gamakatsu Size 2 Octopus hook. These hooks are small but highly effective. Too large a hook will decrease your bites. It is very simple fishing but highly effective. See you on the water.