Plenty to Target

Capt. Bart Marx

Hello Fellow Anglers. It is lobster time in Florida. I have been to the Keys, Homestead, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale. Usually, it is best to wait for a few weeks to let the newness slow down a bit. In the Keys you can bully net at night, the shallow waters will let you do that. With the shallow reefs you can use snorkel gear too. In Homestead the past I’ve used SCUBA gear and some snorkeling to harvest lobster, in Miami I have used a Brownie/floating compressor and SCUBA gear, Ft. Lauderdale-SCUBA gear there too. It is lots of fun to go and enjoy God’s creation. Under water is beautiful with all the corals and sea fans and fish. Oh, and the lobster that hide in the day, at night they come out to feed and travel. So, if you have a boat, you may tow lobster hunters on a tow line while they search the bottom for bugs. There are some fancy planer boards that you could buy to help; we just used a ski rope or a long dock line. When you see antennas poking out from under a coral head you quick let go of the rope and snorkel down and check it out. There are all kinds of tools to help capture the spiny lobster. Slings, tickle sticks, and net just to name a couple. I lived in St. Croix where I learned how to make my own noose that works well, and it does not harm the lobster.

Sorry about the rabbit trail, let’s talk about inshore fishing. To me it is time to start looking for the large schools of redfish that come into the Harbor to feed, so they can go offshore to spawn. It might be a little early but if you are fishing around the barrier islands keep an eye open, you may be targeting snook that are all along the beaches and docks just inside the passes. The tarpon should be migrating north and going into the Gulf to spawn. Mangrove snapper on structure and docks, and there should be some trout in the grass flats close to deeper waters.

Offshore the red grouper should be doing good in 70’ – 120’ of water. Some good mangroves in 60’ – 80’, yellowtails at 80’ plus on wrecks and big artificial reefs. And if you use crustaceans for bait, you could find some hogfish on some natural ledges in 40’ – 70’ of water. So, this time of year you need to keep a close eye on the weather, afternoon thunderstorms is what I am talking about.

So if you would like to come along with Cpt. Bart to try and harvest some of these species. Or if you would like me to go with you on your boat for a training session . Give me a call 941-979-6517 or e-mail me I also have gift certificates for birthday gifts or Christmas. And always remember singing drags and tight lines make me smile. <*(((((>{