MADE IN DADE: Bones Outfitters


Two local guys who were once colleagues at a thriving global marketing agency got sick of the daily grind and decided to follow their passion for the water, fishing and pretty much all things outdoors. Despising sunburns in the South Florida heat and always overlooking the time to reapply sunblock, they knew what they needed to do. The goal was to be impactful while staying true to their interests and outdoor lifestyle, so Adam Hoyt and Ricardo Rohaidy decided to start producing extremely high UV rated apparel in hopes of keeping people protected while out enjoying themselves in the sun. Having recently lost a loving father to a lifelong battle with skin cancer, they made it their mission to make products to help as many people as possible in avoiding the adverse effects of UV sun damage.

With deep roots in the garment industry and watching the drastic downturn of US made manufacturers, they decided there was no better time to follow their passion and produce a top quality apparel line right in their own backyard of Miami, Florida. In January of this year, Bones Outfitters was born. They hit the road and started selling their products at marine flea markets, boat shows and seafood festivals across Florida. Since then, they have added numerous designs for men, women and children and recently introduced a new leggings line for the ladies.

All of their designs go through a complete dye sublimation process that starts with printing the designs onto paper. The printed paper is then married with the material and run through a press which sublimates the dye onto the material and blends the colors directly into the fibers. The dyed fabric is then put onto a laser cutter which precisely cuts out the designs in uniform measurements to insure consistent sizing. Once the laser cutter is done cutting out the clothing designs from the roll of fabric, each piece is sewn together by hand.

Ricardo and Adam love the outdoors, fishing and most importantly feeling confident and comfortable in whatever they wear. They guarantee that all of their gear is made with exceptional, quality materials, modern era designs and an old school attention to detail craftsmanship. They strive to go the extra mile for their customers because they deserve it and frankly, there is more to a quality business than just the bottom line! They hope you love the Bones Outfitters brand and outdoor lifestyle as much as they do! Look for them at upcoming events and be sure to let them know that Coastal Angler sent you.

Miami, FL