Mahi Mania

by Jessica Harris Hendrie

When it comes to combining the thrill of fishing and the joy of eating, nothing beats some mahi mahi tacos. And to top that, nothing beats fresh mahi mahi tacos! That’s what I love most about a good ole catch, clean and cook because the day doesn’t end when the boat comes back. You can spend all day on the boat fishing for some schoolies, working on your tan, and maybe having too much rum. That’s just a highlight! The real magic happens when you go back inside your house and start working on your chef skills. This time, focusing on fish tacos. Everyone does them differently, but my favorite way is to blacken the mahi. I then chop up some white onions and cilantro, slice a few limes and blend together the perfect cilantro and tomatillo green sauce. Sometimes I like to add a twist and put something tropical in the mix like pineapple or mango (maybe even some spice) and bon appétit, you have the best fish tacos ever! Now just add coconut margaritas and start working on dessert then boom, your guests will never want to leave, and you just successfully did your first catch, clean and cook! Whenever you take that first bite, let’s remember to honor the fish and be grateful we have the opportunity to do what we love!  Also, the next time you are out and about fishing, remember you’re not just catching dinner, you’re reeling in memories that will last a lifetime! Tight lines and tasty tacos, my friends!