The Marble Island Report

By Nickola Messina and Adam Case
(Onondaga and North Country)

May usually brings on calmer waters, but after dealing with the high-water levels and flooding the first few weeks of April, it made most of opening week of Trout season difficult to reach our favorite spots. The (normally) calmer waters in May are usually only disturbed around the 6th when the opening season for Northern Pike and Walleye season begins. There is an adrenaline pumping excitement about reeling in either of these ferocious fish.

One of the biggest appeals of these fish in early spring are their spawning habits.  They can be caught off the shore if your timing is right.  In the shallow waters of lakes and rivers hiding in the previous summers dead vegetation, both species prowl.  Both Pike and Walleye become ravenous after the spawn, willing to chase down anything that zips by, so neither of them protects their row once eggs are dropped and fertilized. That’s when these fish go out looking for a meal in the shallows.  Only when the waters warm in late May, they venture out to deeper waters. For these reasons, your timing of shore fishing is critical.

Anglers will find dusk or dawn the best times to tighten their lines with a walleye.  Because of their superior vision, they have the advantage in low light or murky, turbulent waters.

For a successful Pike/Walleye snag is not only timing, but a strong steel or nylon leader. Because as we all know, there is nothing worse than losing the catch of the day, maybe even y our life, due to razor sharp teeth chomping through your line.

Till next time, bait your own hook, clean your own fish, tell your own lies. Tight lines and happy fishing!

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