Mayport Fishing Report

Mayport Fishing Report – August

I have a fear of saying it but, this has been a phenomenal few months of offshore king fishing! Before the ink dries on this report it is with great hope that we have begun to get some easterly winds. July begat continued Southwest winds for almost 4 weeks straight. This SW flow gave us incredibly clear water but, it also caused our upwelling of cold water on the areas beaches. This cold water forced our normally numerous bait pods off the beach and made it difficult to get bait easily in the mornings. Bait is important to acquire if you want to catch some bottom fish or striking fish. This means our pogies/menhaden will be scarce at times but other sources are available if you dig for it. Look for greenies to take up residency on the ends of the jetties both North and South. Use a number 6 or 8 Sabiki rig to jig a few dozen off the rocks for a morning of fishing. The beaches can still hold some kings, tunny, and sharks so try the SE Hole, Red Tops, Nassau Sound, or Chum Hole spots for striking fish. If this proves futile move off deeper until you acquire some warmer water and try the party grounds. MR, RL, Jax Wreck, 9 Mile, PM, PG or any of the other spots will hold striking fish. Try these and you can catch a mess of kings, sharks, cudas, cobia, and AJ’s. Drop a few cut or live baits on the bottom at the party grounds I just mentioned for snapper, sea bass, trigger fish, and grouper. Look at your bottom recorder to see if clouds of bait are present. If so drop a Sabiki rig down for cigar minnows or sardines to use for bait. Match the hatch!

The Inlet at the big rocks will have bull reds, sharks, and tarpon around. Fish the last of the falling tide adjacent to the rocks on the bottom with big live baits like mullet or greenies for good action. Also try cut or whole blue crabs too! This is also the beginning of our bull red spawn. Typically if the stars all line up and everything follows a normal pattern the first full moon of August brings them in till early to late October. Whole blue crab, cut ladyfish, mullet, or pogies if you can get them work great. Fish from the Coast Guard base all the way down the river past Mill Cove for good action on the edges of the big river for good results. Remember these are our breeders and must be released so bring a venting tool. Take care to release these great fighters safely back in the water.

With the heat of the summer the ICW both north and south should slow down but, can produce. Fish real early or late with mud minnows or shrimp on a ¼ oz jig for good results. A top water lure like a Bomber Long A, Mirror Lure floater, or a Seibel top water work well for good action. Reds, trout, ladyfish, small jacks, and flounder are still around. Remember you can’t catch them from the couch.

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