Miami Holiday Gift Ideas – 2018

SubSafe is the first WATERPROOF + CRUSHPROOF food container for the cooler. It was designed to protect a sub sandwich from becoming SOGGY, but it’s unique design works for all food items and allows you to stand it up in the cooler, freeing up more space. SubSafe includes three pieces to thread together for either a 6″ or 12″ container. The pieces also double as extra cups and bowls, and even as a cocktail shaker. But that’s not all! Because it is completely watertight, SubSafe is great for DRY STORAGE! Load up you phone, keys, wallet, etc. and rest assured your belongings are protected. SubSafe even FLOATS, in the tragic event it goes man-overboard. SubSafe will hold and protects a bottle of WINE, great for traveling!

Manta Racks
Take your boards and kayaks securely on your boat using fishing rod holders! With Manta Racks’ patented 360° locking swivel feature, your paddleboards, wakeboards, kayaks, kiteboards, water skis and surfboards can be easily stored on the gunnel of the boat without drilling extra holes. All of your boards are out of the way of your passengers, securely fastened to your Manta Racks system. Made in America using quality aluminum,
stainless steel, SeaDek, and marine lumber.

Hooker Electric
Hooker Electric just released its new GEN II 50 Auto Stop reel. This compact and sleek design includes a backlit LCD display which shows your RPM on the retrieve. The auto stop feature allows you to automatically stop the reel to protect your rod tip. Other features include Bluetooth connectivity, full variable speed and it operates on both 12 and 24VDC. Machined from 6061 billet aluminum, it’s a versatile reel for all anglers! Use it to deep drop, high speed, swordfish or even for a bridge teaser reel. This is an all around reel and a great gift for any fisherman. Also available in custom anodized colors!

Caddycan™ & Caddycan™ Junior are multi-purpose storage bags designed out of the need to secure trash while out on the water. They’re ideal for boats, camping, RVs, golf carts and other recreational vehicles. Its simple retractable access opening on top makes it ideal for quick and effortless discard. It’s collapsible for easy storage and requires no tools to mount, put it where it works for you. It comes with an adjustable hanging/shoulder strap and four industrial velcro straps on the back, making it easy to attach to any rail system. When your Caddycan™ is full, simply unzip the entire lid and remove the interior compartment to properly empty at an ideal location.