Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Forecast – December

Moderate temperatures should bring some great fishing to the Lagoon this month. The ultra-high water levels after the hurricane have finally receded and things are getting back to normal. Clear shallow water means sight fishing for redfish, trout, and black drum. With the moderate temperatures, however, will come plenty of wind, usually blowing right down the center of the Lagoon leaving few places to hide in the central and southern parts. The maze of islands starting at Georges Bar and going north offer plenty of protection during the winter winds as well as some great fishing for redfish and big trout. Many of these islands will have a slightly deeper sandy trough along their shore which is a great place to find both species. My three favorite winter lures are the DOA Shrimp, the 3” DOA Shad Tail on a jighead, and the 5.5” CAL rigged weedless. The latter is great for making long blind casts to sandy holes for large seatrout. The shrimp I use for sight fishing redfish and trout on calm sunny days. The shad tail can be rigged on jigheads of various weights from 1/16 to 1/4 ounce depending on the wind and water depth. The shad tail is also my go to lure when casting at winter schooling redfish. Color choice is not nearly important as casting accuracy. Various shades of green, gold, or brown are my usual choices.

Should you encounter a school of what seem to be redfish but they are just not biting the usual lures, look closer, it may be a school of black drum. They will eat a lure and fly on occasion but more often than not, they will completely ignore them. Live or dead shrimp on the bottom will get their attention as will pieces of crab.