Nassau Sound


Artificial’s can be a great bet for all saltwater species at this time. We should be seeing all the pelagic’s around in full swing. The fun fish Jacks, Ladyfish, Spanish mackerel,bluefish and maybe a Tarpon. For anglers who enjoy Topwater fishing, this can be a great time as well to get an explosive strike!!  Also, in the past years this month has given up some 8-10lb Bluefish, they are only here for a very short time, a week or so and it is just luck when it happens. Not always everybody’s favorite catch, however it makes for some great action for lure fisherman and it keeps you in tune!! These species are the ones that can be caught while fishing Redfish and Trout. Remember, fish are fish, if one fish likes that area other fish will seek interest as well. You have to get out and fish and take note what tide, conditions etc. Many times when blues are in an area, Trout are close by. Standard slip float, Jig and bait combo’s and lures all work well for these tasty and aggressive trout, Remember as the water warms with summer like temps, start your days early and use the tides to your advantage. if its low early. There will be some big trout taken as well, remember to be a good conservationist and let the big ones go, the 15 – 20 inch are your best table fare. I would recommend fishing the shallows for redfish, if the tide is high and rising, fish for trout and other species, you can always use lures and bait along grass lines and such in the back country with success. I like to have a bit more action throwing lures for different species. Many times areas will also give up some big redfish while trying to fish for trout. Often times different species will share the same areas and that is common. Flounder will be in the bag and around as a bonus and should steadily pick up as the summer progresses. Spinner baits and spoons slow rolled along grass lines and structure are a sure bet. A TBS jig combo  with a mud minnow or finger mullet fished in the same area can produce. Remember to focus on moving water, bait and some sort of structure and attack your spot with a good plan……..That equals good catch! several  different species are out and about, get out and get some action!!


Capt. Tony Bozzella / TBS JIGS

Professional Angler / Guide

904 651 0182