Nassau Sound Fishing Report

Nassau Sound January Fishing Report

January can be a cold month, and with that comes fishing smart. Redfish is my targeted choice. I like to try and plan my trips around the mid mourning and through the afternoon hours when the sun is high and a falling tide.This allows the dark mud bottoms of North Florida to “heat up.” The mud flats gather heat from the sun and the Redfish take advantage of that. Also Redfish school up in larger numbers in winter. When you catch one, there are most likely more. The other reason would be because when water temperatures drop below 65 degrees for any length of time, the micro organisms die off, and with less precipitation and boat traffic, the water can get very clear. With the sun high overhead you can truly sight fish in North Fla. If artificial lure is your choice, I like a black TBS Buck tail 1/8 – 1/4 oz jig. Very effective.  Work the lure with short low hops around the depressions adjacent to oyster bars and weed lines, or a hole in the backcountry areas and marshes. Remember, the mullet and shrimp are scarce this time of year, many varieties of crabs become the foraging diet. lf you see a fish ,lead him 3-4 feet and as the fish approaches it…..just barley slide the jig. Shallow water requires subtle movements, and with the buck tail jig the hair breaths and undulates while looking “very alive” with minimal movement. Look for Redfish to be holding and schooled up in any areas where water drains out on the falling tide off a flat. At the low end of the tide they should be close in what I call a “staging area.” They will bunch up and wait for the tide to come back so they can ride it in and get back to there normal feeding areas back on the flat. If you are a bait fisherman, and find a spot like this you can really wear the reds out! Cut mullet, crab, shrimp, and mud minnows are all great choices. Sheepshead are a great winter fish, and will be taken around these areas as well. Shrimp or crab soaked on a TBS jig is usually the ticket. The jetties will be given up a fair number of these tasty fish. Also, this style of fishing can produce some nice Black drum and flounder. I like a jig and shrimp combo and fish the falling tide, with moving water close to oyster / shell bars.

Capt. Tony Bozzella / TBS JIGS

Professional Angler / Guide

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