Nassau Sound

Nassau Sound – June Fishing Report

My recommendations are fish early or in the evenings…

Plan your tides so you can fish accordingly to the species you are after. If you are fishing Redfish in the backcountry, and want a shot at a backing fish, I would be out early on a low tide, once the wind and sun are up, your chances diminish. Standard jig and bait combos, weedless soft plastics, and bucktail jigs are all great choices. If the water is high work some topwaters, popping corks / shrimp or spoons and spinners in and along the grasslines and over structure/ shell bars. All these methods are affective, but, time of the day is important. The river and Inter-coastal waterway will give up there fair share of fish. Again, get out early with topwaters, diving plugs or jigs. Float rigs and bait combos will take there share as well. Focus on points, structure, and shell bars.  Any of these type areas with moving water, bait and especially next to deeper water is a potential hot spot. My clients have produced some nice trophy trout & other great species!!  Stay confident and attentive & pay attention reading the water,  tide direction, looking at birds behavior, height of tides, it all plays a part. Plenty of other species will be lurking these areas also. Ladyfish, jacks and blues will continue to keep a bend in fisherman rods. All of these species are not picky when it comes to lures or bait, they are fun to catch and will put up a great fight. Also an awesome time to get out and introduce our youngest anglers to fishing. The wait is not long when they are there!! A bobber and a piece of 20lb leader and a shrimp. It is a fun time! Dock light fishing will  be on the rise as water temps continue to heat up. All species mentioned can be caught. A free lined live shrimp is a sure way to get a hook up. However, a DOA shrimp, can be very effective. The Flounder bite is continuing to pick up with average size fish hitting jigs with finger mullet, shrimp, and mud minnow combo’s. Standard dock and structure fishing and grass lines with current prove best. As the heat of the sun gets hot and overhead, fish deeper. Many species get a little lethargic and often times will retreat to the deeper cooler water to elude the mid day sun. Get out and enjoy the fishing, there is something going on all the time!! Take advantage!!


 Capt. Tony Bozzella / TBS JIGS

Professional Angler / Guide

904 651 0182