Nassau Sound

Nassau Sound March Fishing Report


March is a great time of the year to start to fish for multiple species, despite lots of wind in March, towards the end of the month in past years I have seen bluefish, ladyfish,Jack Crevalle, & Spanish Mackerel start showing up. Of course this is still weather dependent, however, I like the water temperature to hover the 65°, to 70 degree mark, that seems like the magic temperature for bait fish to return to the St. Johns River and Mayport area.

This is also a good time to try your luck at a gator trout, my records show March can be a good time to pick up a 5 lber or bigger!! In the past, I have had clients catch trout as big as 9 lbs!!! Diving lipped & topwaters lures that imitate mullet and natural baits will be a great choice. Float and live bait rigs take a number of quality trout as well. Fish the way you know best!

Also, the redfish will still be in the backcountry mud flats, creeks and surrounding tidal marshes. Outgoing tide around the oysters with a TBS jig & shrimp can be a good pick. Dead stick the bait, ( no movement) and wait for the bite, 20 minutes, no bite, move. You can also get Sheephead & black drum this way. Using shrimp over mud minnows will give you a chase at these tasty fish. Lures will take their fare share of redfish as well, as their diet will start to include more baitfish as it arrives. This will be the last month before the water starts to “cloud up” with the water warming and bait returning to truly sight fish a red. Keep fishing, all months can be good, and you don’t get better at it sitting on the couch!


Capt. Tony Bozzella


Pro Angler / Guide

904 651 0182