Nassau Sound – December Fishing Report

Nassau Sound – December Fishing Report

I will start out talking about the redfish since this is a great time of year for them. As the water clears up and cools down the micro organisms will die off, less boat traffic, and less rain in Dec will help in keeping the water clear. This makes for great sight fishing. Fish the falling tides and target fishy areas like pinch points in creeks, flats and oyster bar edges These can all be great spots to look. Having ideal weather conditions will help. No wind, sun up higher for visibility and behind you. Move very methodically and quiet, looking, as you see a backing or waking fish, get your presentation out in front in his path. Also you can anchor in these areas and soak bait on a TBS Jig. Mud minnows and shrimp work well, and also cast with ease. Let the bait sit still for a pickup. Lure fisherman can use a dark or natural colored bucktail, (crab or shrimp imitation) or if in areas of heavy oysters a weedless soft plastic. Work the lure back with the current. Same if you spot fish lead him and cross the fishes path of travel and be subtle!! Another reason for the bucktail, less movement with the action of the hair breathing and undulating creating a very alive look, not to mention, they are the most accurate!! In many of the trips I take, most people have trouble in accurate casting, so it helps to have a lure that does not “helicopter” and spin off coarse .Accuracy is everything. The bucktails hold water which is weight and help to be accurate and land soft with a crustacean like appearance. Also a good time to fish deeper bends and holes in creeks, they can load up on specked trout and yellowmouth trout. Many shorts will be in the mix. Bright colored plastic, bucktails, jig shrimp combos and float rigs all have there place and work well. Plan on a method that you know & will work well where you pick to fish. Sheephead and black drum will hold in these type of areas also. Shrimp & fiddlers will be bait of choice. Winter can be some of the best fishing, don’t miss out!


Capt. Tony Bozzella / TBS JIGS

Professional Angler / Guide

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