Nassau Sound Fishing Report: 04/2017




Trout, trout, and more trout! This is a great month to bag a big one. Months past, April has produced some of the biggest trout to include fish as big as 11lbs!! Whether your a float fisherman, plug, topwater or jig, big trout will be on the prowl looking for a meal. They can be caught with any of these methods. Fish get very active with the warming, but, comfortable water temps. Bait will be reentering North Florida, and as it does it will keep the fish active!! Fishing places that have current, shallow next to deeper, structure and bait will be an ideal place to start your search? But, places like these hold fish. There will a nice mix of blues in the area. Very fun, and lots of action. however, I take advantage of what mother nature has to offer? Years past,  I had a day with blues to 10 lbs on inshore waters!! What a fight on light tackle!! Any angler would of loved it!! There will be other fish joining the party. Redfish, Jack Crevalles, Spanish mackerel, Ladyfish, will be in the mix, especially if the water temps stay up. Plugs and lures that have been productive include, Rapalas, x raps, twichin raps, and skitterwalks. In the Miro-lures line, mirro dynes and top dogs, and also the BiteABait line, fighters and top walkers. Colors are simple, if the water is clean and clear, I like to use natural colors. If the water is dirty or stained, use a white or chartreuse. Keep it simple. The same go’s for jigs. Just use enough weight to get down and stay in tune with the bait.These are all fine baits in the hands of an angler that has mastered how to work them? If the backcountry is your style, there will be some redfish prowling around. Schools will be smaller and start breaking up with the warmer water. This will be the very last of the clear water and sight fishing this month. As the bait returns to the backcountry, the water will get cloudy and muddy as all the mullet and micro-organism start to replenish. Flounder will start showing up more as time go’s on. Any structure with bait and moving water can be a hot spot. I like the incoming tide. Fish a TBS jig in a bright color combined with a finger mullet or mud minnow. Fish slow and be in tune with your bait When you get a bite, reel the slack out and set the hook.



Capt. Tony Bozzella / TBS JIGS

          Professional Angler/ Guide

                  904 651 0182