Nassau Sound Fishing Report

Nassau Sound – April Fishing Report


April is a great time to go on the hunt for a big gator trout!  As water heats up and Bait enters the north Florida through our inlets, trout will be in the area. Topwaters, divers & hard baits come to life this month. Work any type of structure with current & Bait and you can have good success casting over your target and bring the lures through at the speed of the current. If you’re working in an area with slower current, work your Lures slower and vice versa on faster moving areas. Remember to release the bigger trout for our future fish.

Redfish, Spanish Mackeral, Jack crevalle, & bluefish could be in the mix. All species will take a hard bait. Good time for lure fishing. Traditional methods Will take their fair share of trout and the rest of the species as well. Back country red fishing should start to slow down as the water continues to warm, the schools will break up and there will be many more single and doubles. If I am going to fish reds in the backcountry, I prefer early on the last of the outgoing tide. A jig & bait combo in the shallows, worked around oyster bars can be a ticket. Dead stick the bait on the edge of the shells & stay INTUNE with your bait.