Nassau Sound – July Fishing Report

Nassau Sound – July Fishing Report


July is definitely a hot month, and anglers should start their day as early as possible. The early bird gets the worm this month!!! You have probably heard me say before I let the tides dictate what I’m going to do in these hot summer months. If the tides are Low in the morning I will head to the back country and look for backing reds along shell bars grass lines, and edges of the mud flats. Fish them with the lightest jig you can get away with. Reds can be very spooky. If the tide is high in the morning I will generally look for a Trout, and other species, of course redfish will take a Lure so we catch them also. I try to let the tide dictate what fish would be best to fish for at that time because after 10:00 in the morning and seabreeze picks up and sun gets high the bite slows drastically. If you are planning all day fishing, think about going deeper to cooler water, or split the day and fish the evening. Another good choice this time of year is beach fishing. As the sun gets up, look for pogie pods and pitch a TBS jig paired with a pogie, and a length of Fluorocarbon, and let the jig sink on the edge of the pod on the side they are moving, so as the jig is down, the baits move over it. Tarpon, Sharks, bull reds, jacks, & many other species can be had. Until next month, tight lines.

Capt. Tony Bozzella


Pro Angler / Guide

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