New Summertime ‘Pop-Up’ Tournaments

The West Palm Beach Fishing Club (WPBFC) is hosting a series of ‘Pop-Up’ fishing tournaments this summer with support from the Marine Industries Association of Palm Beach County and other industry sponsors. Each month a different eligible species is named, and one weekend is selected for fishing, based on the offshore forecast. These fun fishing tournaments are simplistic and free for Fishing Club members.

The Pop-Up series puts a strong emphasis on adapting to the current climate of things, while still offering anglers an opportunity to get out on the water and safely participate in an organized one-day event. Fishing is the most fun when you have a goal in mind before clearing the inlet. In May, the 67 boat fleet targeted the springtime favorite blackfin tuna. Cash prizes are awarded to the top three fish for each eligible species. Team Seapremacy took first place in the Blackfin Blitz, with a 28.5 lb. tuna. Team Reel Dreams took second with a 27.3 lb. tuna, followed by the Triple T crew with a 25.1 lb. fish to close out the leaderboard.

June’s Pop-Up tournament was meant for anyone who likes to troll, kite fish, or fish the bottom, as the 56 boat fleet squared off in the Mahi & Mutton Madness. The two eligible species provided registered members more ways to win. A persistent east wind leading up to Saturday’s fishing looked hopeful for a promising mahi bite. The dolphin didn’t cooperate like teams wished, but the mutton snapper were abundant. Team Boodissy would catch the fish of the day, weighing in an impressive 12.9 lb. mutton snapper at the beautiful Sailfish Marina in Palm Beach Shores. Team Power Plus would beat the fleet with a first place gaffer, 14.5 lb. dolphin. Team Ebbtide had the second place 6.3 lb. mutton and Banana Hammock took second in the mahi category with just a 5.3 lb. mahi. The Kite Keeper crew took third place in both mahi and mutton, weighing in their 4.9 and 4.8 lb. fish just before the scale closed at 9pm.

A unique aspect of the event is the Support the Industry Bonus Raffle. In an effort to help keep business flowing to tackle shops and other marine industry related businesses (hardware stores, service centers, canvas shops, boat detailers, etc.), sponsors like Penn Fishing, Engel Coolers and Pelagic Gear have provided prizes to teams who can produce a $50 or more receipt from a purchase made at an industry related business during the month of the Pop-Up event.

It’s an exciting time to become a member of the historic West Palm Beach Fishing Club. Check out the WPBFC on Instagram and Facebook @westpalmbeachfishingclub and be on the lookout for the next Pop-Up tournament in July!