A North FL Shooting Enthusiest Lover’s Dream….

A North FL Shooting Enthusiest Lover’s Dream….


Weekends in North Florida are an outdoor lover’s dream. The possibilities are endless with the vast wooded areas and the never-ending coasts. And what could be better than an afternoon working on your aim? Nestled among the oaks, tucked away just past the bustle of historic downtown St. Augustine lies Saltwaters Shooting Club, St. Augustine’s premier location for all shooting sports.


Not only is Saltwaters a marksman’s outdoor oasis in a sea of indoor ranges, it spans an area of 110 acres, truly offering something for everyone. On any given day, you will find a range of people at the rifle and pistol bays. Families of all ages competing against each other can be found next to military veterans and active duty police offers working on their craft. The rifle range offers you the chance to truly test out your long-range abilities and the pistol bays allow you to create group competition or set up your own obstacles … you might even see teams acting out some high-level tactical scenarios. The sounds of a bullet hitting the steel targets they provide are always a welcome sound.


After gaining some practice on non-mobile targets, hop on a golf cart and test out your clay-shooting abilities. Choose between the red or black course, which offers a variety of difficulties, so that even the most novice shooter can have a little luck. The courses are changed frequently, keeping things fresh and keeping you on your toes and they are expanding to add a third course very soon.


As if your day wasn’t full enough, they also offer an archery range with 3D targets, skeet and a 5-stand area as well as a 770-yard range that is available by appointment only. One-on-one mentoring and guidance pairs you with award-winning shooters sharing tips and tricks with you. View a fast-draw competition with authentic garb in an old-west setting or experience one of their on-site clinics to education yourself on what to do in an active shooter situation. The list of events is vast and plentiful.


Want to try it out but don’t have your own shotgun? That’s ok! You can rent one for the day or purchase one at their on-site store. And best of all you don’t have to be a member to gain access to all of this, though memberships are available.  So, the real question is, what are you doing this weekend? See you at Saltwaters!