On the Range: Aug. 2021

By Chuck Papp, Contributing Writer

The summer months are always slow for shooting sports. Some may think it picks up, but it’s the opposite. People are out on vacations, enjoying amusement parks, boating, fishing, camping, and hiking. The upside is that with a slowdown the manufacturers get caught up with some of their back logs.

If you have time in between all those other summer activities, check out the Palm Beach Shooting Sports Complex by the south entrance of the Corbett Wildlife Management Area. They have now opened their Sporting Clay Range, with the 5 Stand to follow shortly. The trap and skeet fields are coming along but not ready just yet.

The rifle and pistol range have been opened for a while now. With the COVID restrictions lifted, you do not need an appointment to go now. The Sporting Clay Course is a great mix between easy stations and some more challenging ones. Finally, we have a nice course here in PBC. I don’t mind traveling to the 2 other public courses in Okeechobee County, but 40 minutes beats an hour and 20 minute drive any day.

If you don’t mind the heat then take a ride and check them out, if not October is right around the corner. We are looking forward to those beautiful South Florida fall and winter days of smoking them clays.