On the Range: Nov. 2020

By Chuck Papp, Contributing Writer

We would have thought that after the COVID 19 outbreak that firearms and ammunition sales would have slacked off a little, but they have not. You can find firearms, now the hard to get item is solely ammunition. It is almost gone in the more popular sought after calibers. 9mm, 5.56, and 22lr are the three major ones. However, everything else is in extremely short supply. It’s not how many guns you own, but how much ammo do you have is the question. No ammo, no fire. Just that simple.

This is going to be an issue well into next year and maybe even the year after. They have the gun control issue generally backwards. You don’t have to control guns; you just control the ammunition. This has nothing to do with legislation right now, it is all consumer driven. Hopefully, your elected officials, at least the ones who want gun control, haven’t figured this out yet.

So, hunt it down and get what you can now because it is not going to be easier in the near future.

Now on a positive note, it is hunting season!

It is the time to get out and into the woods. The best part of the social distancing is that it works well for the outdoors person. Small game, waterfowl, and big game season are all are kicking off or have started. It will be over before you know it so don’t wait like many have to fill up their ammo lockers.

Chuck Papp, Manager  Delray Shooting Center • (561) 265-0700