Palm Beach County In & Offshore: Nov. 2020

By Capt. Weston Russell Contributing Writer

Jumbo vermillion snapper taken on deep wrecks off Palm Beach.

Dust your kites off and check your kite reel clips…it’s time to fly a kite. November kicks off the sailfish migration from the north. With that said, you do not want to have a tackle failure trying to land your trophy. Kites and kite clips cost money, so do your due diligence, go over all your tackle before starting the season. Remember to always tie a balloon on your kite just in case it gets away from you and lands in the water. This will help the kite stay afloat and can be retrieved easily without breaking the line. A bright color balloon is my choice, it is easily seen. You do not have to go far to find sails. Any water depth from 80-200 feet will produce. Live bait is a must and remember to let that baby eat for 5 seconds before setting the hook. Fish on!!

Bottom fishing is great in November. Vermillion snappers will be hovering around deep wrecks along with fat groupers. Squid is our choice @reelintensefishing, it stays on the hook and is easy to get at the local bait store. The good old “Guppy Rig” is my favorite for vermillion, but almost any bottom rig will work.

This is last call for swordfishing. The seas will start getting rough. There will be fewer days to get out that deep, so take advantage of all the calm days that pop up. The new deal is fishing

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