Palm Beach In & Offshore: April 2021

By Capt. Weston Russell Contributing Writer

Fat muttons will be active this month.

Last April brought epic dolphin fishing. Fish in the 50lb. class were caught from Miami to Stuart. I’m not sure if we will see that flood of fish this April, but I’m going to be ready. The key to timing is information. If you know an angler in the Keys or Miami, stay connected for a daily fishing report. These guys will see the dolphin migration first. If the south is catching, you better be ready to head out. “But I have to work” you say… I say, “I’m taking a sick day!”

April is a hot month for blackfin tuna. The best bites will be early morning or late evening. Trolling is a great method to catch them, but the big ones eat live bait. Need live bait? VHF 68.  There will also be a chance for kingfish, cobia, and snapper. If you’re targeting cobia, look for bull sharks. Stud cobia will be riding the backs of sharks this time of year. Pull in a shark and you may get a surprise.

For you inshore anglers, tarpon will be at the top of the list. Run the beach to find the schools. Small bait fish work best, sardines or thread-fin are my choice. You may stumble across some jack schools too. There will be some big boys lurking along the seashore looking for something to eat. These fish will be in the 30 to 40lb. class, so be ready for a fight. Well, good luck and tight lines my friends!

Captain Weston Russell


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