Palm Beach In & Offshore: Oct. 2020

Expect jumbo jacks feeding on the mullet schools this month. b

By Capt. Weston Russell, Contributing Writer

Welcome to the October fishing report. Pack your fishing bag, were going to the beach! The mullet schools will be in full swing this time of the year. Anyone with beach access or a boat can get involved in this awesome experience. You don’t need to look hard; the tell-tale sign will be flopping fish on the surface in a giant black mass. In the schools you’ll find tarpon, jacks, and snook. The best bait is live mullet, fished outside of the schools. Artificials work well too if you use the same color scheme as a mullet. Some schools will be very close to shore so, if you’re on a vessel, be cautious of your depth. It’s very easy to lose track trying to catch that monster tarpon.

For you deep water anglers the dolphin bite will be good offshore. Head to the weed lines past 300ft of water. The dollis won’t be large, but there will be lots of them swimming together. Look for floating debris, this will hold bait that the dolphin feed on during their migration. I like to have a Daiwa medium action rod with a Saltist reel ready. Also, there may be tripletails floating on the heavier weed lines. I suggest having live shrimp to cast, they have small mouths and can be very finicky. October is generally windy, so prepare by checking the weather before heading offshore. If the wind is blowing more than 13 miles an hour the seas will be rough.

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