Panacea – March Fishing Report


Pic#1-Tim & Tiffany Shiver find some nice reds by creek mouth!
Pic#2-Mirrodines work on cold,cloudy days!
Pic#3-Robin Thompson has a nice sheepshead caught near structure.


February’s come and gone and the weather is still the story.
Is it winter? Is it summer? Fish move in and out as the water temperature changes. Then storms dump lots of rain and that changes the patterns. If the water is murky, shiney or bright baits work better. If the water is clear, dull or light colored baits do well but white seems to always work.

Black sea bass are on the reef structure offshore and will whack a jighead paddletail bounced off the bottom.

The sheepshead are up the Ochlocknee near the bridge. Put a live shrimp or fiddler crab down and you should find fish. Search for trout and reds, if cold water check bars and dark bottom. Use a floating lipped bait, like a Bite-A-Bait, in copper side, dark back.  If colder, work deeper holes and channels with jigs or live shrimp. If it goes above 64, head to flats! This month keep searching until you find them and it can make exciting times on the water. Remember to take a kid fishing and show them the excitement of the outdoors, be safe!

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