Pic #1- Kohl Hobbs was stoked about this 26 inch gag grouper even though he had to release it in State waters closed season!
Pic #2- Denise McWeeney says this is her biggest red snapper ever!
Pic #3- First keeper cobia for Chuck Henderson!


PANACEA September Fishing Report

  Lots of rain and hot temperatures are making things on the water like a sauna. If you tough it out the fish will still be around to catch.
This report will focus on some offshore successes recently. If you head out from Rock Landing follow the channel to the bay then motor southwest. Run about 15 miles until you see the K Tower check your charts and look for hard bottom or artificial reefs that are in the area. Start looking at about 50 feet deep and drop a live pinfish or frozen baits like LY’s or Cigar Minnows to attract grouper, kingfish or cobia. They will make good table fare.
Red snapper closes for the year on September 4th after a productive season than was open in State and Federal waters on Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays for the two months previously.
If you want a real battle drop some heavier gear and hold on for amberjack or goliath grouper, which are both catch and release only.
Redfish are traveling around Piney and if the floating grass isn’t too bad they will blow up top water lures especially early. If grass is the problem, go to a Redfin lipped bait or an Aqua Dream spoon in hot pink. The different shades of red work well in dark stained water.
The trout are still staying deep in the high temps so work the troughs, look for baitfish and throw a 1/8 jighead with a pink or ghost Saltwater Assassin jerk bait for best results.
Stay safe, take a kid fishing and enjoy the outdoors!

Forecast by: Captain Steve Hobbs
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