This Massachusetts National Guard unit fishing aboard the Kitchen Pass in their ugly Christmas Sweaters.

Spearfishing Forecast – January 2018

Diving in the winter can be challenging. The cold water and air can make it challenging to find a place …
Left to right: Greg, Mathew, Capt. Tew & Karsten.

Spearfishing Forecast – Nov. 2017

With Fall upon us and winter just around the corner, the water is cooling down into the mid- to lower …
The Barnes family braved some rough seas and tough conditions with Capt. Tew aboard the Kitchen Pass but still had a great time.

Spearfishing Forecast – Oct. 2017

Let’s all keep south Florida in our prayers during the long recovery after Hurricane Irma. The water is in the …
Some great hauls aboard the Kitchen Pass.

Spearfishing Forecast – Sept. 2017

The water is still in the low- to mid-80s all the way through the water column. The season for the …
Great day aboard the Kitchen Pass Dive & Fishing Charters.

Spearfishing Forecast – Aug. 2017

The water is great, with temps in the 80s all the way to the bottom. The weather should be getting …

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