Museum Honored by Sam Lombardo

The Destin History and Fishing Museum was recently honored by Destin resident, Sam Lombardo, World War II Veteran and author of O’er the Land of the Free. Lombardo donated a case of his books to the Museum to sell. His book depicts some of his experiences from his first ten years in Italy, through his developing years in Pennsylvania, and finally, to his combat experiences during World War II including the Battle of the Bulge. Some of his stories are humorous and some are tragic, but all lead up to the challenging task of making the American flag, using whatever materials could be secured.

No Admission Charge – Donations Accepted at the Door

Welcome to the 35th annual Destin Seafood Festival. The Seafood Festival is hosted along the beautiful Destin Harbor and the Harbor Boardwalk right on the water. With the action of the Destin Fishing Rodeo right in the heart of the Festival, there is lots of excitement along the docks. This is so much more than a festival to us- It is a tribute to the rich history of the Destin Harbor and the Fishing community.

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