Lets talk about sun protection. How many gross pictures of stitches and missing parts do we need to see to drive the point home that you need to cover up if you’re spending the day on the water.

Big Fall Trout: How to Find and Catch Them

While there are big trout caught throughout the year in the bays up and down the Gulf Coast, fall is one of the best times to target them. Trout tend to gorge with each passing cold front as they bulk up for the winter months when forage species become fairly sparse.

17TH Annual 2013 MBARA Kingfish Tournament

Check out the results from the tournament here!

Mexico Beach: Where the Red Snapper Are

As a volunteer, I work with two great non-profit organizations as a fish identification specialist. The first is the Mexico Beach Artificial Reef Association (MBARA) and the second is Reef Environmental Education Foundation (REEF).

A Story of True Sportsmanship!

On August 24th, the Mexico Beach Artificial Reef Association (MBARA) had their 17th Annual Kingfish Tournament. As the weigh-in came to a close, things got a little hectic as hopeful fishermen lined up at the scales with their catch.

Fly Fishing For Bass: Try Something Different!

Whether you have a bass boat with eight rods, or you’re a small pond fisherman walking the banks with rod in hand, I hope you give fly fishing for bass and pan fish a chance. Why? It’s a blast!

The Mighty Apalachicola – The Green River

The Apalachicola isn't just any estuary. This mighty river drains a watershed of nearly 20,000 square miles, much of which is not yet developed.

Lionfish: Exotic Predator on the Rise in the Gulf of Mexico

One of the most beautiful fish in our waters is also one of the most feared. Lionfish, highly prized as an aquarium fish for its billowing fins and tiger-like stripes, were once imported from far-away Pacific Islands. Like many other imported species, such as pythons and iguanas, some of these fish found their way into the wild where they are now competing with native species.

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