Alabama / Pensacola Editorial

Restoring the Deep Water Environment of the Gulf of Mexico

The Gulf of Mexico is an extraordinary place, but despite the growing number of people who live, work and play on the Gulf Coast, we know very little about the Gulf in its entirety. Its wonders are bountiful, and its resources provide the people who live along its shores a unique way of life. Ocean Conservancy has worked in the Gulf region for over two decades, with a primary focus on managing our fisheries sustainably. However, on April 20, 2010, the focus of our work took on a new direction. With the explosion of Deepwater Horizon, it became evident that this large marine ecosystem was in danger and would need extensive restoration to recover from this devastating disaster. However, the Gulf was no stranger to degradation prior to the oil disaster. Land loss, overfishing and polluted stormwater runoff are just a few of the factors that have hindered the productivity of the Gulf ecosystem for decades.Jan 1st, 2014


Combine four charter boats, at least four hundred gallons of diesel fuel, eight hundred pounds of ice, many boxes of bait, snacks, drinks, four captains, four mates, 20 volunteer deck hands, and at least fifty hamburger lunches with almost forty kids all battling pediatric cancer and you have the fixings of a great day of fun.Dec 1st, 2013

Exciting Restoration News in the Gulf Region

In a significant step forward in restoration of the Gulf of Mexico’s natural resources, the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF), in partnership with the five Gulf states and two federal agencies, recently announced over $100 million for restoration projects across the Gulf. A total of 22 projects will restore a number of Gulf habitats and species, ranging from coastal dunes in Texas, to oyster reefs in Alabama and shorebird nests in Mississippi.Dec 1st, 2013


Battling horrible weather conditions with winds and rains driven by a front coming through the area, Team Ugly DOA won the final event of the four-tournament series, held Sept. 21, 2013 out of Tacky Jacks on the Mobile Causeway. The team, Adam Barker of Robertsdale, and Patric Garmeson of Spanish Fort, brought in a three-fish slam weighing 11.18 pounds. With the 3-point bonus, Team Ugly DOA won the event with 14.18 points.Nov 1st, 2013

Second Phase Of The Bp Trial: What You Need To Know

The second phase of the trial to determine how much more money BP owes for its Gulf spill wrapped up in late October. Here’s what you need to know:Nov 1st, 2013

Give the Gift of Diving

It is not an exaggeration to say that scuba lessons were the best gift I ever received. My parents gave me scuba lessons for Christmas in 1985, when I was fifteen years old. I was that kid that never missed a Jacques Cousteau television special and watched '"Flipper" every week dreaming of being able to live a life on and under the water. Before I even finished my lessons I was working at the dive shop after school. Sweeping floors, hanging up dripping wetsuits and filling tanks doesn't sound like fun to most, but I was having a blast, just being around diving. Fast-forward 28 years and I am still working in a dive shop, enjoying my dream job. Nov 1st, 2013

Evening “Flatboys”

For most of October we will see high tides during evening and early morning hours. The best conditions for shore diving in our area are found at high tide. Sep 28th, 2013

Live Action!

You can smell the salt rising on the air. The waves are breaking slightly against the boats in the harbor, you lookout across to the islands thinking quietly to yourself I'll be out there fishing soon. Don't let this moment in time pass. Pick up the phone call a captain. Aug 27th, 2013