Protect Your Boat This Hurricane Season

Preparing for a storm is imperative. Sea Tow is offering up tips to help boaters prepare in advance. Before a storm, consider the following:

• Check your marine insurance and marina policies for storm information. Speak with your insurance agent and marina contact to understand all procedures and requirements during a storm situation.
• Document inventory of all property onboard and be sure to take videos AND photographs. Place legal documents such as policies, licenses, and registration in a secure, dry place away from the vessel.
• Learn the difference between a hurricane watch and hurricane warning and the area’s evacuation rules and instructions.
• Be knowledgeable of the storm surge history and the area’s elevation.
• When a storm is impending, consider where the boat will ride it out. Insurance companies may require you to haul out the boat or store in a specific location. Be sure to check your policy.
• Move boats on trailers close to a house, weigh them down and lash securely to anchor the trailer.
• If the boat must stay in the water, secure it to the dock with longer, thicker lines and use lines that are protected against chafing so that they will hold up to the swinging and swaying that is often caused by storms.

If your boat is affected by a storm, know that Sea Tow has the experience and knowledge to safely recover your property. Make sure you only work with licensed and insured companies that do this type of work every day. Contact your local captain to learn more about Sea Tow’s salvage and recovery capabilities.

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